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SALT-Teens –

SALT-Teens is a volunteer youth service program of the St. Tammany SALT Council.  Teenagers receive high school community service credit while serving their community.

The enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom of our elders makes a very powerful team and create a great opportunity for the SALT Council to advance it’s goals and help the SALT-Teens to learn about volunteerism while assisting them with their educational community service requirements.

Many teenagers are comfortable with current technology while most senior citizens lack familiarity with modern devices.  SALT-Teens provide knowledge that is vital to the SALT Council to help manage our technology.  SALT-Teens have provided data entry to register hundreds of people for the Senior Evacuation Notification System and created a computer database for over 2000 used cell phones that were sorted, boxed and shipped to the national foundation that provided the free cell phones for the SALT Council Cell Phones for Seniors Program.  This small group of teen volunteers had been instrumental in helping the SALT Council fulfill it’s mission.

If you are interested in becoming a SALT-Teen, please complete and submit the form below.

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